AtlasPROfilax 1st Treatment – 60 Minutes – $300.00 w/ tx, children under 16 $220.00 w/tx

AtlasPROfilax Followup – 30 Minutes – N/C fee included with Initial Treatment, Includes 15 minute Scenar Treatment

AtlasProfilax Yearly Review – 60 Minutes $200.00 + Tax – review Atlas, Posture, Vibro-Massage to remove any neck tension. Includes 15/20 minutes of Scenar Therapy.

Scenar Therapy – A non-invasive neurostimulator for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, Scenar Therapy creates a sensation similar to a TENS machine, and can be applied directly to any painful area.

The Scenar Therapy can create positive changes in the following situations:

* acute or chronic pain that has not been successfully managed by other treatments
* nerve numbness, pain, or burning that is not relieved by injections or medications
* experiencing long-term problems from injuries
* recent injury or trauma

30 minutes – $90.00 +Tx

Ageirein ElectroDermal Screening – Electrodermal screening uses an electronic device to measure the electrical resistance at numerous points on the body. This technology is not an instrument used to diagnose disease. It does however measure the electrical current moving through the acupuncture meridians and as such gives information about the bioenergetics of the body. It is an instrument of physics, not chemistry.

ElectroDermal is also used as part of the AtlasProfilax procedure to understand the pre and post energetic value of the Cervical C1>C7 and assist in understanding pre and post success at no extra additional charge when part of an Atlas treatment.

1st Appointment – 60 Minutes – $190.00 + Tx.

Follow up appointments 30 minutes + $100.00 +Tx

 In all treatments for clients under the age of 18 years old require parental consent or a referral note from another health care practitioner.